Change of Seasons

The change of seasons always brings some kind of excitement to the air; for some it’s time to pack up the skis and bring out the bikes and kayaks, for others it means that the shovels can go back into the shed after this winter that we didn’t really have. For us at Scenic Flights of Acadia, it’s a busy time getting ready for another season of flying guests from all over the world around our backyard of Acadia National Park and Downeast Maine. As we share the area that we love with others, which is what keeps us going year after year.

It’s a Numbers Game!

Good afternoon friends! Today’s website blog has been taken over by the two new pilots, Infazal and Ben and it is a pleasure to meet you! We were going to try to write some words to keep all of you wonderful followers up to date but we’ve come to an unfortunate conclusion; we’re not much for words. We just couldn’t come up with the words to describe this incredible summer so we decided to use some numbers.

2 3 33 39 2 1 7 667 10 50 65

Missing Fishing Buoys Among Other Flights

While most of the flights that we do are for tourists who want to see our beautiful area, we also provide flights for other purposes. We flew a lovely couple over a field which had a marriage proposal painted in it. We have flown several realtors and developers over properties to get some great aerial photos. Many people have asked us to fly over their homes to get an aerial photo of their property to display or to give as a gift. We frequently fly different land trust representatives to view areas when they are applying for grants. We often get requests to fly over different algae fields to view its growth. These custom aerial flights are a great way of viewing a large area in a short amount of time and you get a totally different perspective of the ground when seen from above.So you can see that over the past nine years of operating Scenic Flights of Acadia, we thought we had ‘seen everything’ from above.

Scenic Flights of Acadia is one of 25 Best Winter Thrills in Acadia According to "Downeast Magazine"

Downeast Magazine wrote a great article about things to do in Acadia National Park in the winter. It is the cover feature in the February, 2015 issue. Scenic Flights of Acadia is featured as well as a beautiful aerial photo of Bar Harbor. They flew with us last winter in preparation of this year' magazine article. Although we offer all of our regular flights along with custom flights during the off-season, we do require reservations a day or two in advance. The views in the winter are just as breath taking as in the summer, if not more so. Give us a call to reserve a flight. Remember, like the article says - the airplanes have heat!

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