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While most of the flights we do are for tourists who want to see our beautiful area, we also provide flights for other purposes. We flew a lovely couple over a field that had a marriage proposal painted in it. We have flown several realtors and developers over properties to get some great aerial photos.

Many people have asked us to fly over their homes to get an aerial photo of their property to display or to give as a gift. We frequently fly different land trust representatives to view areas when applying for grants. We often get requests to fly over different algae fields to view its growth.

These custom aerial flights are a great way of viewing a large area in a short amount of time. You get a totally different perspective of the ground when seen from above. Over the past nine years of operating Scenic Flights of Acadia, we thought we had ‘seen everything’ from above.

However, we recently received a phone call from a fisher who had five large fishing buoys break loose in a storm. They had been unable to locate them by driving around. They called us to ask if we would fly them around Frenchman’s Bay to see if they could locate them.

With a GPS onboard, along with the fisher, all five fishing buoys were located. The coordinates were noted within 45 minutes. The flight cost was a small price to pay in relation to the cost of the expensive buoys.

We were happy to help them locate the fishing buoys. They were happy to have found them. Contact us to customize your flight today!

High Praise From Our Guests

See for yourself what our passengers thought about their experience with Scenic Flights of Acadia. We love what we do and it shows!