We are currently not operating Scenic Flights in the off-season but plan to open in the spring. We will continue practicing our cleaning and disinfecting protocol as we did in 2020 to keep everyone well. In the meantime, please consider a Gift Card for a memorable gift.

It’s a Numbers Game!

Good afternoon friends! Today’s website blog has been taken over by the two new pilots, Infazal and Ben and it is a pleasure to meet you! We were going to try to write some words to keep all of you wonderful followers up to date but we’ve come to an unfortunate conclusion; we’re not much for words. We just couldn’t come up with the words to describe this incredible summer so we decided to use some numbers.

2 3 33 39 2 1 7 667 10 50 65

Two new pilots have joined the ranks of Scenic Flights of Acadia and we would like to introduce ourselves! Infazal Baksh is our first new pilot, hailing from the wonderful State of New York. He has a four-year degree from Farmingdale State College in Aviation Administration and loves to play the guitar, hike and explore the State of Maine. Ben Acker is our second pilot and he comes from the big city of Portland, Maine. He also has a four-year degree from Bridgewater State University in Aviation Science and he too enjoys exploring the beautiful area. Stop by and say hi, we would love to meet you!

Three new bubble windows have been installed on our two scenic planes. These new windows increase visibility and makes taking wonderful pictures of Acadia National Park that much easier. Come and give them a try!

33 flights on our busiest day ever! On July 3rd of this year we managed a whopping 33 flights in one day! Between three pilots and planes we were able to give everyone a safe and fun scenic flight of the downeast area.

Speaking of our busiest day, we have to mention our friends from New Jersey. On July 3rd we had one group of 39 new friends from New Jersey fly with us. A neighborhood group from the Garden State organized this excursion and we were happy to welcome them and share the views of our wonderful area.

We’ve had two marriage proposals this summer at Scenic Flights of Acadia. The first was during a flight and the husband-to-be was so quiet about it Infazal had no idea what was taking place behind him! The second proposal was just last week and happened before the passengers even got in the plane. When Ben asked who was going to sit in the front of the airplane, the husband- to-be said “Excuse me, Ben but I have a slightly more important question first.” He proceeded to get down on one knee and proposed!

We have one new Instagram account! If you use the social media platform, feel free to follow us at @ScenicFlightsofAcadia for some wicked views from wherever you may be.

And with our new Instagram account, we have seven new photos! Check out a wide variety of pictures, from sunsets to rainbows!

We have 667 followers on our Facebook page. If you’re not one of them you’re missing out on information, photos, reviews, promotions and much more! Follow us to keep up to date on all of the new information.

This is the tenth season that the Vroom family has owned and operated Scenic Flights of Acadia! But before they owned it, they worked it. David was a tour pilot for the company and Vicki worked at the front desk. Come by to say hi!

Although the Vrooms have owned the company for 10 years, Scenic Flights of Acadia has been in operation for over 50 years! Come to the booth and check out the oldest aerial tour company on the field!

And lastly, 65; the number of days left for you to come and fly with Scenic Flights of Acadia this year! We will be closing the booth for the season at the end of October, and that gives you 66 days to come and go for a tour. We would love to see you this season, let our experience make your experience unforgettable!