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How do I dress for my flight?

The feel inside the airplane is like that of riding in your car. In the summer months, gear like shorts and a t-shirt are great! In the fall months of late September and October, pants and a light jacket are usually a better pick. 

Can I take pictures?

Yes, we not only let you take pictures, but encourage it as well! When you post the amazing views on social media be sure to tag us on Facebook and Instagram. 

Will we be able to communicate during the flight?

Every passenger is given a clean and newly disinfected headset for each flight so they can talk freely to the pilot and other members of their party. 

How far are you from Bar Harbor?

Depending on the time of year, late May through early September we are a 25–30-minute drive from Downtown Bar Harbor. Early May and Late September to October, it is closer to a 20-minute drive. 

What is the best time of day to fly?

With coastal Maine’s summer weather, we suggest taking a flight between 9AM to 11AM or 3PM to 6PM for the smoothest flights. No matter what time of day, the views are still gorgeous. 

Is there a weight limit?

Each seat is rated for 350 pounds and the seat belt must fasten. If you have any concerns with the weight limit, please feel free to call us with concerns you may have. 

Is it safe?

Yes! Our pilots are experienced and knowledgeable pilots vetted to be your guide as you see Acadia from above. Safety is our #1 priority always. 

How many passengers does your plane hold?

We currently operate three planes for daily tours in our summer season. We have two Cessna-172’s that can carry 3 passengers each and one Cessna-206 that can occupy 5 passengers. If you have a party with more than five, give us a call and we will work with you and reserve multiple planes.

Do you combine parties?

No, we do not. Each party will have their own plane and pilot for a private tour. 

*Note: For single passengers, we do charge an extra fee for single passenger flights. If two singles were willing to combine, we will then remove the fee from both single passengers. 

High Praise From Our Guests

See for yourself what our passengers thought about their experience with Scenic Flights of Acadia. We love what we do and it shows!